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Pricing Information

Let's take a moment to talk about pricing. Farmington Limousine has dedicated itself to providing our customers with the most affordable pricing and yet the most luxurious experience that you can get anywhere in the Metro Detroit area. We can't list precise prices here on the site because the operating costs differ between vehicles and based on the day of the week and the time of the year, as well as fuel prices. However, Farmington Limousine would be more than happy to give you a crystal clear price quote, 100% free and with no obligation, either via phone instantly or via email within two business days.

Farmington Limousine prices are calculated down to the last detail based on the vehicle that you choose and various other pieces of information that you'll provide to us when you call. We do this on a per-customer basis so that we can offer you the lowest possible price. Every customer has different destinations in mind, different vehicle preferences, and different numbers of passengers that they'll be expecting. Of course, every customer also has a different budget that they're working with. Farmington Limousine takes all of these things into account so that you'll get the most bus for your buck!

When you do get in touch with us for your trip, have a few things in mind ahead of time to save yourself some time. We'll need to know your full name, address, and email address. An approximate estimate of how many passengers you'll be expecting is very helpful in choosing which bus will be perfect for your needs. The date you'll be having your party and the type of event that it is are also important to note. It doesn't hurt to also take a look at our vehicles page and note which ones are your favorites, or which specific features you might require!

When you call or email us, we'll take all those pieces of info and come up with the right vehicle and the right transportation package for you. If you love the price that we present you with, you can lock down that price, date of service, and specific vehicle (so that no one else can rent it!) with a quick and simple credit card deposit over the phone. If you're more comfortable paying in person, you're welcome to come down to our offices and pay via credit card, check, or cash. We also happily accept PayPal.

If you'd like to find out just what it will cost you to rent one of Farmington Limousine's beautiful party buses, why don't you take a few moments and give us a call or send us an email right now? You can reach us anytime, day or night, by phone at 248-655-7655 or by email at A fast and free price quote can be yours right now! Call Farmington Limousine tonight and begin planning your party bus trip!

About Our Prices

  • Most affordable pricing, most luxurious experience

  • Prices calculated based on individual information

  • Save money by following the tips on this page

  • We take customer preferences into account

  • Always willing to work with your budget

  • Have your info ready when you call

  • Choose the vehicle that you prefer

  • Pay via phone, online, or in person

  • Call us for email us for a free price quote